Automatic Fire Protection for Textile Machinery

Cotton, as an organic, cellulosic natural material, is very flammable due to the oxygen and paraffin in the fiber. When cotton comes into contact with any spark or flame, it erupts into fire.

In cotton spinning mills, cotton fiber is cleaned and processed by enclosed cleaning machines and transported from machine to machine by high speed (air speed 15 to 20 meters per second) closed pneumatic transport ducts. Any spark that is created in these machines from stones in the cotton, metal, or friction immediately expands into a fire because of the high air volume, spreads from machine to machine, and burns out the production line in a matter of seconds – much faster than any fire brigade can react.

The Arosa 5i Infrared Spark Detector is located before and after each machine and is clustered in what we call a “zone”. Each zone is independent, and Arosa uses an extinguishing agent or diverter system to control and remove the spark before it can become a fire and damage the production line and possibly lead to loss of life.

AROSA SYSTEMS are used around the world in cotton gins, cotton spinning mills, cotton storage warehouses, recycling plants, non-woven lines, and other industrial textile facilities where it is important to reliably detect a single spark in a matter of microseconds and extinguish the spark/fire, stop the production line, sound alarms, and protect the business continuity of the company.

AROSA SYSTEMS has developed a high speed infrared spark detection system to see a single spark inside textile machines and air transport ducts. We use the latest in infrared sensor technology and provide a total of 5 sensors per detection device that can sense a single spark in less than a microsecond.

Fire Risk locations in a Textile Mill

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